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Boardroom Sessions Podcast

Here at Boardroom Sessions we meet Southern California's Best and Brightest Technology Leaders and Executives. We learn about their backgrounds, business models, challenges and goals. Take a listen, join the discussion and enjoy!

May 17, 2023

Welcome to a special live recording of a panel event that I hosted at our OCTP (Orange County Technology Professionals) networking happy hours. About once a quarter we have a live panel event to discuss some cool new tech, this event we went deep on Conversational AI aka BOT’s. On this panel I assembled a few of the most relevant folks in this space right now.


  • Kristy Thomas – leads the CX vertical at one of the largest Technology Service Broker, Intelisys. She literally vets every vendor in this space to separate the hype from the players.   
  • Tyson McDowell – a Venture Capital entrepreneur and expert in the space of AI. Tyson has built, sold and runs companies built on AI. His outlook on this technology and it’s future is incredibly well researched and we could give him a mic and go for days.
  • Stephen Kennington – is a technical leader at DialPad who is engaged with many clients looking to implement Conversational AI in their organizations. He sees the Use Cases and understands where it fits and may not. DialPad has AI built into their product and is looking to the future of this space.

We had a lot of fun here and since this meeting I have had an incredible amount of conversations with enterprise technology leaders on how AI may help them. Hope you enjoy!


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