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Boardroom Sessions Podcast

Here at Boardroom Sessions we meet Southern California's Best and Brightest Technology Leaders and Executives. We learn about their backgrounds, business models, challenges and goals. Take a listen, join the discussion and enjoy!

May 17, 2023

Welcome to a special live recording of a panel event that I hosted at our OCTP (Orange County Technology Professionals) networking happy hours. About once a quarter we have a live panel event to discuss some cool new tech, this event we went deep on Conversational AI aka BOT’s. On this panel I assembled a few of the...

May 2, 2023

Danny Nichols is a personal hero of mine for many reasons. First he is a selfless giver and runs one of the most impactful philanthropic organizations I know called Operation OpenWater serving the Veteran and First Responder communities. He is also a full on Bad Ass Waterman, HB Board Riders Team Rider and Coach, and...